Nores Plastic Ltd. was started with one clear vision - to be a part of building the Circular Economy of the Future in which raw materials are designed to circulate at high quality in the production system without entering the biosphere. This is contrast to a Linear Economy which is a 'take, make, dispose' model of production.

Brief History

Founded in year 2000 in Tallinn, Estonia, our company is dealing with recycled plastics trade - sourcing materials mainly from the Baltic States, Scandinavia and other European countries and exporting to customers in European Union or Asia.

After a rapid growth in the early times for today Nores Plastic Ltd. has reached a yearly sales volume of over 15.000 tons and turnover of ca. 5 million euros.

Our suppliers are waste recycling or plastic manufacturing companies. We take over the responsibility for the professional sales work of their waste and manage the higher business risk connected to international trade. Our customers benefit from the wide range of raw materials offered, quick response time on inquiries and reliable supply.

Team & Location

People are the greatest assets of every company and we're proud to have an international team with colleagues from 4 different nations who speak over 7 languages and perfectly understand the wishes of our partners from many countries around the world.

Located near the centre of Tallinn in Kadriorg in a renovated old wooden house our office is easy to access for meetings with our business partners and provides a harmonic environment for working to balance the daily stress of international trade.


During the period of 2000 - 2018 our company has mainly focused on exporting recycled plastics from Europe to Asia. As a reliable partner to hundreds of companies we shipped over a total of 200.000 tons plastic scrap materials to be recycled. We also held a "License of Registration for Overseas Supplier Enterprise of Imported Scrap Materials" from the Chinese State Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) which was sign of being a trustworthy long-term partner for our overseas customers. 

As exhibitors we regularly participated different Chinese recycled plastic exhibitions (ChinaReplas, Chinascrap, Plastic Recycling Industry Seminar CBI-CIRR and Worldscrap Market) and established many long-lasting partnerships and even friendships with our suppliers and customers from many different countries and cultures.

However as the Asian region has introduced more and more restrictions or even a ban on importing baled or regrinded plastic scrap and the largest market China accepts only reprocessed plastics, we have actively turned to developing new partnerships with recyclers in Central and Eastern Europe and our trading activity is now evenly split between serving buyers in Asia and Europe. 


Our team will keep on striving for excellence in order to keep up with today's dynamically changing business environment. The new Circular Economy Action Plan of the European Union introduced in the spring of 2020 is facilitating the re-use and recycling of waste within the EU.

It means that more and more plastic scrap will be recycled within Europe or even within the country of origin but we still see an important role for international trade in the recycling industry for following reasons:

  • Some of the plastic scrap types can be recycled by a relative simple technology (e.g. LDPE film scrap), but some other types can be recycled only on more complicated ways and there are larger investments required to recycle them (e.g. plastic scrap from electronics, engineering plastics etc.) . This means that not every country or region will have a recycling facility to treat all of their waste and some of the waste always has to be exported for recycling.
  • Similarly there is a regional difference in the demand for reprocessed plastics and an experienced trader can help a recycler to find suitable manufacturers to purchase their output materials abroad.

Besides European Union also foresees the reduction of single-use plastics and replacing them with biodegradable materials. It is the aim of Nores Plastic to take part in this revolution and soon we are going to start offering our customers a wide range of bioplastic raw materials.  

Regardless what the future brings we will never compromise on being a reliable and loyal cooperation partner for our suppliers and customers - this has been the key to our success during the past 20 years and we strongly believe that a trustful partnership will always have a bright future.


Robert Domak
General Manager


Nores Plastic Ltd. has been a long-time member of the ICC International Chamber of Commerce Estonia (since 2003) and the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (since 2008).